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Dentist in Lenasia

Lenasia 2012-08-03

dentist in lenasia dr mf mall


Top Recommended Dentist In Lenasia

Dentist in Lenasia, Dr. MF Mall, offers gold teeth, general dentistry, veneers, crowns, implants, dentures and orthodontics. Call today!

Here at the rooms of Dr F. Mall, Dentist In Lenasia we are proud to be setting the standard for excellence in up-to-date dentistry and patient care. Our commitment to value-for-money governs every aspect of our work and assures that we always exceed your expectations. We believe in giving you technically sound dentistry with personalized attention.

Although located in Lenasia, Gauteng the practice of Dr MF Mall serves a wide geographic area that includes: Lenasia, Ennerdale, Soweto, Roodepoort, Eldorado Park, Orlando, Diepkloof, Bekkersdal, Carltonville and surrounds.

At Dentist In Lenasia, by listening to our patients, we are able to give you the quality of dental care you can afford and a smile you can truly love. Dr F. Mall strives to provide dental care that changes people’s lives, and in doing so, the impact on his own life is vastly enriched.


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Why choose Dentist In Lenasia

With so many Dentist In Lenasia to choose from, why should you choose the practice of Dr Mall? While your dental health is of obvious importance to us, we never forget that our patients are people, first and foremost. That’s why our goal for each and every patient is to make his or her day a little brighter and more pleasant. And achieving this goal is easy for us because everyone on our team loves what they do, and it shows in our warm, positive and friendly attitude. In fact, if you are having a “bad day” when you arrive at our Dr Mall Dentist In Lenasia practice, don’t be surprised if you leave with a spring in your step.

Dr Mall offers the people of Lenasia the most friendly and professional dental services around. He offers general dentistry for all people of all ages and he possess many years of experience in practising dentistry at the highest level.

Experience of Dentist In Lenasia

Here’s another reason to choose the dental practice of Dr Mall: our top-rated Dentist In Lenasia has been serving the community for much more than a few years. Thousands of local people, just like you, achieve healthy and improved smiles with their experience and quality of dental care. And, of course, with that many years of experience you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are getting the best dental care possible.

So no matter what your Lenasia dental needs or wants, whether it be preventive, cosmetic or restorative dentistry, contact us today to make an appointment. We’ll make sure that you’re thrilled you did!

Dentist In Lenasia Restores Your Smile to its Youthful State

A bright smile promotes your confidence, snow-white teeth is the first-opportunity to show your charm!

However, most of people are still suffering from the brown teeth caused by coffee, smoking, iced tea, etc.

Have you ever tried or considered many different teeth cleaning products, as below?

  • Whitening toothpaste: no effects,
  • Bleaching Agent: side effect, lower security, easy to replace,
  • Whitening Teeth Powder: long effective period, middling price, but cumbersome to use,
  • Laser Whiten: take time, high cost, harm to teeth enamel,
  • Ultrasonic Wave: halfway, weaken enamel, cross infection.

Thus, a healthy, convenient and effective teeth cleaning product or service is strongly recommended by Dr MF Mall – Dentist In Lenasia. This enables you clean teeth easilyy and effectively any time and anywhere. More details, please feel free to contact us at the rooms of Dr MF Mall – Dentist In Lenasia.

The South African Dental Association recommends to medical schemes, where considered necessary and appropriate, that contract limitations on the frequency of providing care for certain services be stated as “twice a calendar year” rather than once in every six months.

Are you missing one or more teeth? Are your teeth damaged or decayed? There’s no need to worry… thanks to our restorative dentistry. Our Best Dentist In Lenasia skills, technology and experience can make a remarkable difference. In fact, at the rooms of Dr MF Mall –  Dentist In Lenasia we make returning your oral heath and smile to their youthful and near-natural state easier, faster and more comfortable than ever before. Discover what thousands of local people just like you already have: For friendly, precise and long-lasting restorative dentistry, Dr Mall Dentist In Lenasia is the solution.


Dentist Lenasia goes above and beyond to ensure your health and comfort!

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive restorative dentistry consultation. You’ll thank yourself that you did!

  • Tooth Whitening
  • Dentures, Fillings and Extractions
  • Crowns and Implants
  • Veneers

You’ve come to the right place for Dr MF Mall Dentist In Lenasia, member of  the Best Dentist Gauteng.

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13 Responses to “Dentist in Lenasia”

  1. barineze on 2014-02-12 @ 6:07 am

    I want to know the price of a gold tooth for my dentures please. Thank you.

  2. morning Dr

    i have a problem with my tooth i wanna do filling and put gold how much

  3. Re : Dental. Equipment Repairs and Servicing Technician.

    Hello Doc,

    l hope your practise is working efficiently and to your satisfaction.

    Myself , l am a Dental Equipment Repairs and Service Technician. I repair Dental chairs, Intra Oral Xray machines , Autoclaves Sterillers, Suction Machines, Air Compressors, Pumps and all other dental equip-accessories.

    Could you experience any equipment malfunctions please do not hesitate to contact me, l will be more than willing to come and assist.

    I am based in Jhb and l service dental equipment in the entire Southern African region. My full contact details are :

    Gift Dube
    Dental and Electrical Technologies. ( Southern Africa)
    Cell : +27849731532.
    Email : gdube83@yahoo.com

    l also do equipment relocations and installations of new surgery equipment.


  4. Hi Doctor I need a gold tooth just need to check the prices and see which one I like best can u please respond to my email mahlodimathopa41@gmail.com

  5. Hey my name is zama.I want to put 2 u gold teeth but i am not sure of the prices so can u pls get back to me?0732848600 thank you

  6. hey Doctors i would like to know the pricing of Braces my sister teeth structure are not in a good order please send me contact info for consulting . Thank you

  7. Crestinah on 2016-04-09 @ 7:09 am

    I have a decaying front tooth on the bottom jaw and it also lose, so wanna know much will it cost to extract it and put a three-unit bridge? Contact no. 0790636159/0782645045

  8. Lindokuhle on 2016-07-08 @ 12:35 pm

    I have bad tooth the are turning back & painful

  9. I would like to know how much is the dentist for me nd my child I mesn cover

  10. good day

    I would like to know what the cost will be for five implants.

  11. Hello doctor
    I would like to know the price range for Implants & fillings

  12. Ayesha Bismillah on 2019-12-22 @ 8:10 pm

    Assalamu alaikum /helloz
    I would like to find out if you can repair partial
    dentures urgently.
    A piece of the denture cracked and fell out
    A waiting your reply

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