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Improving Your Smile with Dentures



Dentures tend to be a huge financial investment in your overall appearance, dental and also general health.

A correctly fitted prosthetic device can help you to chew correctly and also lead a higher quality life. However, since dentures tend to be a little pricey, appropriate maintenance and care is important. With proper care an attention you can easily avoid unwanted denture repair fees.


How to Wear Your Dentures

Dentures must be comfortable and also should fit the jaw effectively, in addition without adhesive agent. If they hurt the gums or require excessive measures of bonding agent, you would require your dental practitioner to investigate the issue.
Keep in mind, that even the highest quality adhesive agent cannot compensate for a bad fit. However, this does not mean these adhesive agents don’t have a role to play. Denture adhesive agents help make the patient feel more secure and also confident. Plus they also help to prevent tenderness and bruising particularly for new denture users.


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Cleaning of Dentures

It is very important that you keep dentures clean. Effectively taken care of dentures provide fresh breath, brighter smile and a healthier mouth. In simple terms, food crumbs and also bacteria that stick to a filthy set of dentures can harm the remaining natural teeth and also your gums.

However, when getting rid of food particles, it is important you avoid toothpaste or normal cleaners. These products tend to be too coarse for such tasks and can also scrape the dentures. Rather, use cleaners and pastes specifically made for artificial teeth. Furthermore you need to clean as per the instructions on the label.

Bear in mind that soaking by itself is not enough to sanitize the false teeth. You also need to brush with the denture paste. Appropriate care with a viable cleaner will leave your dentures looking clean, so that you end up having fresh breath and a healthy attractive mouth.


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How to Store Your Dentures

It is very important to keep your dentures moist. Should the prosthesis start to dry out, they can lose their original shape, which can result in a poor fit. To prevent such problems, immerse the set in a cleaning solution or water when you do not intend to wear them. However, make sure you consult a dental practitioner about the right kind of solution should your dentures for example have metal parts. This is because metal tends to stain when submerged in majority of the solutions.


Cost of Dentures

Depending on the kind of dentures ordered, the rate will vary. There tend to be several different types of veneers such as deluxe, custom, complete, full, partial, flexible and also acrylic. For full-replacement, you will find yourself paying somewhere between R2500 and R4000.


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There is actually a lot of dentistry that needs to be done in providing you with a complete set of dentures. Hence, the fees tend to be a bit high as they reflect this. However, a good set of dentures can easily last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Getting customized or immediate dentures can additionally be even more costly. These tend to be fixed on the very same day. They tend to be normally made of plastic and also tend to be used by people who can’t wait for too long to get their teeth fixed.

However, if in your case you are missing only a few teeth in your mouth but do not require a complete set then you can opt for partial dentures. These prostheses tend to be a good solution for people who only need a few artificial projections to end the gaps. They also cost far less than full dentures, primarily because they need fewer supplies to fabricate.

Appropriate denture care can ensure that your financial investment is adequately protected. It will help you to steer clear of painful sores, infections, and other oral complications. Good maintenance can also reduce the fees of unwanted denture repair and replacement. A little endeavor now can save you a lot of money, time, and also hassle in the future.


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