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Dear Gauteng Dentist



It is no secret that patients are turning to the internet to find almost anything these days. Perfectly  understandable if you could step in their shoes for a moment. Just imagine yourself as the patient.


“You realise you have a problem and need to see a dentist. You know at the back of your mind there is a dentist close to where you live or where you work.

It’s just that you cannot remember the dentist’s name, where they are located or if they offer the type of dental care you need.

So what do you as a typically connected-to-everything patient?

Why, you’d do what everyone else in the world is doing: grab your smartphone, tablet pc or desktop computer and do a quick Google search for a dentist in an area closest to you.”


To you, the dental care provider, it becomes evident very quickly … if your practice cannot be found by a patient who is actively looking, then you would  probably lose that patient to another dentist who has taken advantage by establishing an online internet presence.

The prevailing attitude has already become: “if you don’t have a presence on the internet, you don’t have any presence at all”! Bluntly put, DO YOU EVEN EXIST IN THE PATIENT’S WORLD?



How to establish an Online Internet Presence


Firstly, let’s clarify what we are talking about…


Here’s what an internet presence is not:

  • It’s not a directory listing
  • It’s not a medpages listing
  • It’s not a healthcare service provider listing
  • It’s not a local business service listing


Here’s what an internet presence is:

  • An online presence directed towards patients in the area you serve
  • It could be a full website, but more cost effectively a webpage
  • It speaks for your practice when you or your staff cannot do so
  • It’s customised to the image you wish to project
  • It depicts your surgery location, hours and  specialty
  • Perfect, if you’re tired of giving road directions over the phone
  • It presents your contact details and invites patient contact in a number of ways
  • Allows patients to contact you conveniently after-hours



Why would you prefer to Lease a Webpage?


Leasing a webpage on a monthly basis is an excellent choice when:

  • you do not want to be saddled with the costs of establishing a website
  • you do not want to be burdened with the costs of maintaining a website
  • you do not have the expertise to handle SEO, malware attacks and server
  • the lease can be cancelled at any time, just give us 30 days notice!





How to get Started in establishing your Webpage


  • Contact us immediately to secure your area, town or city
  • Email us your practice details as we will request of you
  • EFT the initial fee into our bank account – details to be furnished
  • We will complete the preliminary design and email you
  • Once you have approved the design, we submit your webpage to Google
  • You can expect resultant patient contact within 2 weeks
  • You monitor the effectiveness of the webpage being leased




How much to get started and how much to keep it going?

  • Initial outlay reduced to only R895
  • Monthly lease only R99
  • No other incidental fees






Can I see a sample Webpage for Gauteng Suburb?


Sure. Click here:


The details of course will changed and customized for your practice. Do make a note of the typical practice details we will need you to provide.




Thinking ahead is more important than ever before


If your patient numbers are dwindling it could be that your practice is slowly being seen as irrelevant in the patients world – often through no fault of yours.

What’s clear is that it’s vital to your survival that you stay up to date in terms of the treatment you provide, equipment you use and the image you wish to project in the hearts and minds of your patients.

The monthly leasing fee for the webpage is ridiculously easy to justify – it takes attracting just one patient from the internet per month. Our top subscribers current get about 16 patient contacts through the course of a month.



Results you can expect


  • Patients searching the internet for Dentist in your Gauteng Local Area/Town/City will be directed to you
  • You will receive inquiries and appointments from the internet
  • You will receive emails from patients wanting appointments
  • Patients can read up on your practice details whenever and wherever
  • Your online presence will speak for your practice when you cannot
  • Patients will be able to find you on their Smart Phone
  • You will save time not having to explain directions on the phone
  • You will attract a better class of patient more into dental care



Now’s the time to Grab this Opportunity


Right now all that’s left is for you to say YES, and we can have you up and running in 48 hours. Remember that patients dropping into your practice from the internet are generally of means, understand the importance of oral health, and have decent medical aid benefits. (Patients looking for implants are not your “normal” run-of-the-mill type … and YES, they are to be serviced in YOUR Suburb/Town/City). A winning combination of traits if there ever was one!




Regrettably because of the exclusive nature of this offer, we can only accomodate one dentist per area, first come, first served. Grab this opportunity right now. Contact us today to lock up your area and be known as The Dentist in YOUR Suburb/Town/City in Gauteng.




You’ve really only got two options here…

1. You act cautious and stick to how you’re doing things now


2. You grab the opportunity to put you and your practice on the map


Looking forward to assisting you.


Fudley Bezuidenhout



Fudley Bezuidenhout is the CEO behind Better Practice Management and the developer of Medinol – Practice Management Software for Health Care Professionals. For over 25 years, Fudley has worked hand-in-hand with some of the biggest medical practices in Cape Town. Fudley is an prof. engineer and is involved in a number of business pursuits including property development, investments, consulting, software development, internet marketing, website development, buying and selling of health care practices. In his leisure time he is found either cycling, or playing the bass guitar in various smooth jazz bands.



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