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Here at Dentist Alexandra we are proud to be setting the standard for excellence in modern dentistry and patient care. Our commitment to value-for-money governs every aspect of our work and assures that we always exceed your expectations. We believe in giving you technically sound dentistry with personalized attention. At Dentist Alexandra, by listening to our patients, we are able to give you the quality of dental care you deserve and a smile you can truly love. We provide dentistry that changes people’s lives, and in doing so, we change our own.

Why choose Dentist Alexandra

With so many Dentist Alexandra to choose from, why should you consider us? While your dental health is of obvious importance to us, we never forget that our patients are people, first and foremost. That’s why our goal for each and every patient is to make his or her day a little brighter and more pleasant. And achieving this goal is easy for us because everyone on our team loves what they do, and it shows in our warm, positive and friendly attitude. In fact, if you are having a “bad day” when you arrive at our Dentist Alexandra practice, don’t be surprised if you leave with a spring in your step.


Child Dentist in Alexandra

High quality dental care and patient comfort are our goals. We are committed to helping your child achieve the best possible dental results in a comfortable and friendly environment. Even a child who eats properly and cleans his teeth thoroughly needs professional care. We do everything possible to keep your child smiling and cavity-free, using the latest preventive techniques. But when dental problems arise, our anxiety-free setting and attention to patient’s comfort make for easy appointments. Unlike some dental practices, parents are invited to stay with their child throughout their appointment.


Preventative Dentist Alexandra

Preventative dentistry is a key part of our practice. We believe that the promotion of proper oral health procedures not only ensures good oral health, but also promotes good physical health as well. Our dental team can perform scale and polish procedures, periodontal chartings, place fissure-sealants, fluoride treatments and provide oral health education on maintaining excellent oral hygiene.


Experience of Dentist Alexandra

Here’s another reason to choose us: this top-rated Dentist Alexandra, Gauteng has been serving the community for much more than a few years. Thousands of local people, just like you, achieve healthy and dazzling smiles with their experience and quality of dental care. And, of course, with that many years of experience you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are getting the best dental care possible.

So no matter what your Alexandra Dentist needs or wants, whether it be preventive, cosmetic or restorative dentistry, contact us today to make an appointment. We’ll make sure that you’re thrilled you did!


Restorative dentist in Alexandra

Restorations (fillings) are the most cost effective treatments to repair a tooth damaged by decay. Filling material used can be a composite resin (tooth coloured fillings) or amalgam (silver coloured fillings). As each patient is different, so each tooth differs as well and the dentist will be able to advise the patient as to which filling material will be best suited to the case.


Root canal therapy Dentist Alexandra

Endodontic treatment involves the removal of the nerve of the tooth (pulpal tissue), the mechanical cleaning of the root canal and the filling of the root canal with a special filling material. This dentist Alexandra uses nickel-titanium rotary instruments to ensure proper cleansing of the root canals.

Extractions by Dentist Alexandra

Extraction is the surgical removal of teeth. Most extractions can be done in the dental chair with local anaesthetic. Extractions can also be done under conscious sedation as well as general anaesthesia in theatre – by arrangement.


Restore your smile to its youthful, healthy state

Are you missing one or more teeth? Are your teeth damaged or decayed? There’s no need to worry… thanks to our restorative dentistry. Our Best Dentist Alexandra skills, technology and experience can make a remarkable difference. In fact, our Dentist Alexandra makes returning your oral heath and smile to their youthful and near-natural state easier, faster and more comfortable than ever before. Discover what thousands of local people just like you already have: For friendly, precise and long-lasting restorative dentistry, Dentist Alexandra, Gauteng is the solution.

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive restorative dentistry consultation. You’ll thank yourself that you did!

  • Dental implants
  • Gold Teeth
  • Dentures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Root canal treatment

You’ve come to the right place for Dentist Alexandra, member of  the Best Dentist Gauteng.

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